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Advanced obedience course (trainer for life)

Advanced obedience course (trainer for life)

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This training is about 8 weeks and will get you ready in competition quality and may enter in age of 16-24 months old, but also will teach you and your little friend everything to get there. This course is probaly the longest and never ends.

Most do boarding schools 4,6,8 weeks. We dont, becase we will teach you as well and you get to see how we do it. But the training doesnt here. We are comitted to be there for there whole life and continue.



    This is literally will take your little friend to completely different level. Your puppy will be ready to enter competition in age of 16 months and 24 months old. This training is also the most longest and pretty much never ends so get ready for long time friendship with our trainers because you just sing up for a ride of your life time. At this point we are available to you and your puppy.... check this out!  FOR LIFE. This covers Obedience, behavers, shaping, introduction to personal protection ( at sport level ), pulling, off leash pretty much everything in the whole book.


    Before you purchase any of our training classes we will set up consultation absolutley for free. So there for we will not abel to do any refunds or returns subjected to the matter. We will work with clients much as we have to. To achive the best resolution.

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